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Can't open FTP port on Smart Hub 2

I am trying to open port 21, the FTP port on the Smart hub 2, so I can FTP into my NAS box when away from home. I did have it working with my previous ISP, and it was set up on a Netgear router. I have created the port forwarding on the smart hub and tested it using an app on my Samsung mobile phone (connecting using mobile data) as well as testing the FTP connection on various web sites, but it's not working. Is there something I am missing?



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Re: Can't open FTP port on Smart Hub 2

I am having similar issues with my ReadyNAS. Until recently I had a BT Home Hub 5 and could set up dynamic DNS with Changeip, port forwarding to the NAS and within the NAS, set the ports. I was able to remotely connect with both a pc and using FTP Express on my Samsung android phone.

Having just "upgraded" to a BT smart hub 2 I can no longer get port forwarding to work on my NAS. However, I also have a Texecom alarm which connects to the router by wifi and the port forwarding for that works OK and I am able to set and unset the alarm remotely from the app on my phone. When I check the ports using the port for the alarm is open but I can't get the port for the NAS to be open. The checker reports connection timed out. I am using static internal IP addresses for both the alarm and the NAS.

If anyone out there can help I would be most appreciative. I did try calling BT but I think I knew more about port forwarding than they did!

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Re: Can't open FTP port on Smart Hub 2


To get port forwarding working I changed the default port on my ReadyNAS from port 21 to 2000. 

I then set up the ReadyNAS with port range 2001 to 2005 and the "Masquerade as" my dynamic DNS host name. I am using Changeip so it has the form "".

In the Smarthub 2 I set up Dynamic DNS with my Changeip username (email address) and password and my host name.

If connecting properly the service status should say "connected".

In the Firewall page I created a new firewall rule, gave it a name, selected my ReadyNAS and set the port ranges for both external and internal to 2000 to 2005. Set the protocol to TCP/UDP but this may vary depending on the device.

Finally, on my android phone I set up FTP Express as follows:

Name - whatever you want

Protocol - FTP

Host - the dynamic DNS name in italics above.

Port - 2000

User and password as set in the ReadyNAS.

I also set up another "site" in FTP express for use when I'm in the house connected to wifi. In this case I just set it up the same as above but changed the host to the ReadyNAS name as set in the Smarthub.

That's it.

Why the Smarthub 2 doesn't want to work on the standard FTP port of 21 beats me!

I was checking the port status using

I hope this helps.

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