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Can't record when box is in standby mode and other issues

Once my youview box has been put into standby it will not turn on with just one press of the remote but if I press the button 10 to 15 times it will usually come on after 4 to 5 minutes. during this time, the remote will not switch my Sony Bravia tv on but it will shortly after the youview box comes on. To compound the frustrations, I will usually get an IPC6023 message on the tv screen telling me that the channel I'm tuned to is unavailable but the channel is patently available because once I have pressed the ok button three times the channel plays with perfect picture and sound. 


Also any recordings scheduled whilst the box is in standby mode either fail or just do not record. I presume this is because of the IPC6023 problem.


One other thing. I am at the moment watching the tv but the youview box is showing the mauve standby light rather than the blue lights which should indicate it is on and also the recording light is on despite the fact that it is not currently recording any programmes, I presume the recording light is on because the box thinks it is still trying to record a failed programme which was set to record whilst the box was in standby mode.


I have checked my broadband and cables and they do not seem to be the problem


BT has supplied me with  a 2nd Youview DTRT2100 box and this has exactly the same problems. I changed the hdmi cables and the Ethernet cables after finding this same problem occurred on the 2nd box but there is no difference.


I have now had 3 Cube engineers visit to check my problem but all they do is a factory reset, deleting any recordings that I have managed to make while the box is not in standby mode and then leaving with the problem unsolved, Now that I’ve received a replacement box which has exactly the same problems, I do not want to go through the whole rigmarole again

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Re: Can't record when box is in standby mode and other issues

Hi Colin6443,


Welcome and thanks for posting!


Sorry for the problems you're having with your Youview box and that it's going on for so long.


Send over your details and we'll help get things sorted from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.


All the best,



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Re: Can't record when box is in standby mode and other issues

Hi Colin,


Just wondering if you resolved the problem of not recording in standby mode.  We are also experiencing the same problem and have had 2 engineers come out to say they can't solve find the problem and just tried doing a reset Smiley Sad



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