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Can’t use certain apps on wifi

I am at my wit’s end - we got a Smart Hub 2 a couple of months ago and it doesn’t seem to let us use certain apps on wifi. It’s on all our mobile phones and we can’t access apps like Instagram and Facebook. This week it’s stopped letting us use WhatsApp. 

We have tried to ring BT but the first couple of people said it might be my device or mobile carrier, the most recent attempt the guy I held for for over 20 minutes and was rude and disconnected me when transferring to someone else. I tried again and phone got disconnected again. 

I am sure it is our wifi because it is happening on all mobile phones (different providers) and as soon as we turn onto 4G it works. 

I have ensured parental controls allow social media and also specifically named Instagram and Facebook as allowed sites.

We have tried restarting phones, uninstalling and installing apps, rebooting hub. What else can we do? Thanks. 

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Re: Can’t use certain apps on wifi


Login to MyBT, and disable BT Web Protect as BT have been enabling it by default on all accounts, and it blocks some websites.

Also make sure that Smart Setup is disabled on the BT Home Hub.


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Re: Can’t use certain apps on wifi

There is an issue with  the web pages and apps  and the BT anti virus software it seems even if you allow social networking  you need to include It n the allowed web pages this seems to fix the problem on some web  and apps sites not all.  For WhatsApp  you need to include  .net.  Even if you have the security  option turned off and continue to have the problem  of apps not working, put the web sites into you allowed web sites.


BT Iit would be useful if you loked into this issue as it seems to be an ongoing issues with you service.

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