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Can't wait to leave BT!

Firstly I ordered the new infinity Internet and everything was fine. The engineer came out and fitted my modem and phone in the hallway when I specifically asked it to be fitted in the living room. The Internet is no better than the sky Internet I get free with my tv package and doesn't connect if I'm in my living room, bare in mind i only have a 3bed semi!! Every month I have the same issue! Bt take the money out of my account days before I get paid causing me to get bank charges so i cancelled the direct debit as when I called up I was told I couldn't change my direct debit date. Now every month I get charged by bt for late payment and my services get cut off! I have no clue what my account number is as I have never received a letter or bill so when I call to pay my bill i get through to an automated service that asks for my account number and will not proceed without it, it also asks how much I want to pay when u haven't seen a bill so don't know how much I owe!!
Such an awful experience with BT that I can't wait for my contract to end and I'm out!!!!
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Re: Can't wait to leave BT!

Many of us know from experience that BT's methods can be hard to fathom and sometimes exasperating, but just waiting for things to happen won't make it better.


Did you challenge the siting of the master socket? Have you sought advice about the connection problems? Didn't you realise that stopping a Direct Debit was likely cause a payment to be missed? Have you done anything to prevent repetitive late payments? Have you considered alternative payment methods? Have you asked BT to confirm your account number? Have you done anything to ensure you see a bill?


Best of luck with your new provider, but you might need to do your bit to get things to run smoothly.

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Re: Can't wait to leave BT!

If you pay by direct debit your BT. Account number is shown on your bank statement
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Re: Can't wait to leave BT!

These sorts of postings always confuse me !   If you get paid once per month, and BT take their direct debit once per month, why the bank charges ?   It shouldn't make any difference whether the DD goes out on the 1st of the month or on the 30th.


What IS annoying is when payments are taken late one month and then early the next, so that (sometimes) a payment due towards the end of the month is not taken until a day or two into the next month, and then a second payment goes out at the end of that same month.   But even then it shouldn't make any difference - in theory - if it is budgeted for.


I thoroughly agree though that saying "sorry you can't change your payment date" when you are paying by DD is very poor customer service, especially when you consider that those (like me) who get a monthy bill and pay manually get given a couple of weeks to make the payment !

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Re: Can't wait to leave BT!

You can change your payment date by taking out a Monthly Payment Plan:

Took me 30s to find it.