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Can this be an incoming phone line?

We have just finished a full refurbishment and used to have a master socket in the hallway.

The electrician has said that the phoneline has now been replaced with the cable in the picture - is that possible? And if so, how does it connect to a phone or broadband router?


thank you in advance for any advice 

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Re: Can this be an incoming phone line?

master socket still in place? photo? wiring?

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Re: Can this be an incoming phone line?

Hi, thanks for your reply - the master socket has gone, there's no wiring, just this cable which they said is a replacement for what is the incoming cable. It's in a cupboard so I can't tell if it's coming from the street. They said it would connect to an Ethernet PoE switch. Thanks



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Re: Can this be an incoming phone line?

No idea what the electricians think they have done, but they need to be told to pay Openreach to come replace the master socket they have incorrectly removed. Electricians are usually totally clueless when it comes to phone wiring.

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Re: Can this be an incoming phone line?

That’s a RJ45 Connector. The photos a little blurry but it looks like it’s not even been wired up correctly.

Out of interest which Cowboy did you pay to do that for you, just so I can make sure I never employ him to come and bodge my home Wiring up?