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Can you believe it: Downstream: 287 Kbps Upstream: 446 Kbp?

Dear Sir, My broadband connection and since I had it, is extremely slow. The details as follows: Downstream: 287 Kbps Upstream: 446 Kbps Your engineer has set up the connection for me. I spoke more than once with your customer service and each time they tell me: "Your issue is with a higher department and would be solved within 24 hours" Dear Sir, This is very frustrating and my request is that if BT is not able to provide me with the agreed service then you should immediately let me know so I can seek another provider. Please if this is the case, I request you to terminate the Broadband service, leave the phone service and email me my MAC code. I shall then wait for your instruction on how to send you back your Broad Band equipments.  Sir, I have already reported this issue and now I can see that you have put a note on my BT page that the issue have been solved. This is not true. The issue is still there and I am facing a very slow connection on both Broadband and the phone line. I followed your technical trouble shooting instructions carefully but without success. I also hired an engineer who after examining the issue told me that it is a BT issue and that many people are facing a similar problem. Sir, I believe that BT has not been helpful in sorting my issue. Also on different occasions I was told contradicting and confusing answers, like: “within 24hours the issue shall be sorted out” or "our technical department tried to contact you" I am rather confused, puzzled and extremely upset and I hence request BT to sort this problem within the coming 24 hours otherwise to terminate the Broadband service and provide me with the MAC code. I look forward to hearing from you Yours sincerely

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Re: Can you believe it: Downstream: 287 Kbps Upstream: 446 Kbp?

You are posting on a public help forum this forum is for bt customers to help each other your requests need you to contact bt direct by phone no one here can issue mac codes or cancel services
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