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Cancel Cancellation Request Saga

At the end of November, due to personal circumstances and detrimental health issues, a decision was made that we would have to look at cancelling our BT broadband Infinity 2 Package as we were paying over £70 per month (for a package that another in the BT Group - PlusNet - charges £30 pm for).


On 21st December I made contact with BT via Live Chat originally and was transferred to the Options Team. I spoke with a female member of staff who advised that in order to discuss our renewal options that I would have to request the cancellation of the cancellation request. I did as requested, and was told to call back after 24 hours.


On 22nd December I made contact again via LiveChat and was transferred to a male member of staff in the Options Team. He stated that he could not discuss my options as the cancellation request had not gone through and that he had spoken with his manager and ensured that the cancellation of the request was completed so that we would not be disconnected from our broadband services.


Imagine my surprise this morning on the 23rd December when I have awoken to no mobile signal on my phone (as we rely heavily upon a signal booster that is linked to the broadband router), no television services (Amazon Fire Stick relies upon broadband as does our various devices in the house) and no broadband.


I have therefore contacted BT again via LiveChat and transferred to the Options Team. The male member of staff has advised that our services have been disconnected and the number has been reassigned to another company - apparently as per our request. Quite simply, we had not approached any other company at all to transfer our services. It would seem having phoned our [now not] telephone number that was assigned to us that it rings - which would suggest that somebody completely different now has the number as we dont have a landline plugged in as we have never used the landline. Our number has been reassigned 😞


The situation that we now find ourselves in is as follows. It is 2 days before Christmas where we have no television services as we have no aerial and rely on our broadband services to broadcast television. With 2 young children (aged 5 and 2(yesterday)) this will be particularly problematic over the next couple of weeks. I rely heavily on broadband for my work commitments and can no longer complete those. We have no mobile phone signal in our house rendering us completely uncontactable at home during this holiday period.


I have been advised that a complaint has been raised on my behalf by the Options Team but I am not expected to hear anything until around 11 Jan due to current lead times.


The best that the options team could do for me today was tell me that I will be without services for 2 weeks, that a complaint will be raised but I won't hear anything until 11 January, and they can only offer me a £49.99 per month package.


Quite simply upset and angered by the way this has happened all due to a lack of proper communication. I understand that there were probably deadlines in order to cancel the cancellation request but none had been communicated or explained even at the point of the staff looking to cancel it - so would seem they too were unaware.


Let down by BT - what do I do now?



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Re: Cancel Cancellation Request Saga

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Cancel Cancellation Request Saga

Hi @RingoC


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post!


I'm sorry that your services have been disconnected, especially so close to Christmas.  Can you send us over your details so that we can help you with this from here?


Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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Re: Cancel Cancellation Request Saga

Thanks to you both

@RobbieMac message sent as requested
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