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Canceled Monthly Payment + Suspended

OK so I setup a monthly payment plan for 55£ a while back , this was then changed by BT to 97£ a month stupid amount seen as I only spend about 3£ a month on calls ggrr called up BT they changed it to 77£ had to deal with it unless I wanted to pay nearly 200£ as the bill was generated for 3 months. Anyway the first 77£ D was returned unfortunately but I was quick of the mark and paid the 77£ quick sharp via DC , cool I thought this was 1st September , so I sat back and waited for the 29th Sept for the next 77£ as it was all there waiting, got home this evening and my services had been suspended due to non payment of bill, hay I thought but the monthly payment is not due until tomorrow (29th) so I called BT as this must be some kind of mistake, no it wasn't upon talking to an op seen as the first 77£ was returned the monthly payment plan was cancelled pronto , BT had tried to take 116£ on the 5th Sept (4 days after I had paid the 77£) and then again on the 13th Sept , not notifying me it had been , my bill was generated again and you now want 200£ !!!!! upon a heated call to India and being told I had bad banking morals she put me on hold for 5 mins came back and asked for 77£ and she would reinstate my services and setup the payment plan again , cool I thought TV back yippee, anyway she took my 77£ and I have had no conformation emails about MPP setup and my services are still off..

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Re: Canceled Monthly Payment + Suspended

Is there any reason you wanted to be on a monthly payment plan?


If you're on the right calling package, then your bill should hardly vary at all from month to month.  If that's the case, then it's usually better just to go for whole bill direct debit.  Every month, you're simply billed what you owe for that month.  No strange BT estimates of what they think you might owe over the next few months.