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Cancelled all my BT contracts, they keep billing me

For over a year now, the level of client service provided to me from BT has been an absolute joke. I have been a client for over 3 years. From cancelling two mobile phone contracts without me asking them to and taking them over 1 week to get them back, to not being able to provide the original package they had cancelled and forcing me to spend hours on phone calls, trying to get my services back. Also failing to send the necessary equipment and needing to be chased down numerous times just to manage to finish a hub order. Sending over an engineer for installation without having previously send a hub... And the list just goes on...

I have finally stopped all my contracts with them and have email confirmation from them for all of them. I was happy that I will no longer have to deal with them ever again, just to notice that not only did they continue to bill me for a contract that has ended, but they are also claiming extra charges for payment delays.

I was already angry and frustrated with them but this has reached the last straw. As I am no longer in a contractual relationship with them, I take this as harassment and am seriously considering asking for damages.

I have raised a complaint with them but also posting here because I am extremely angry and felt that people should know what to expect from BT. 

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Re: Cancelled all my BT contracts, they keep billing me

I'm with you on that after the experience I have just had. Ordered another Sim card for a mobile. Couldn't do it from my account as it was bringing up rubbish messages. Phoned them to get it and have just discovered they restarted my whole halo, TV package for another 2 years.

After contacting them I was basically told I must have agreed to it during my telephone call but lo & before after a manager listened to the call I hadn't agreed anything.

They wouldn't do alot as 14 days have passed,  only that I can cancel after 12 months without penalty, which I shall be doing.

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