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Cancelling BT Mobile, no signal after moving

Hi All


Just wondered where I stood with this. I've just moved house and I'm housesharing temporarily for a few months and in the meantime I've had to cancel my phone line and broadband after 8 years as a customer


I've kept my bt mobile on as i've got 16 months left of my contract but where I've moved to there's very little signal.


I'm getting either 1 bar of 3g, which then drops to Edge 1 bar, as soon as I go to make a call I get no bars and can't make calls or send texts. If I go into the kitchen, I can call but it's like being underwater.


I've checked EE coverage map which shows excellent coverage - it isn't.


I know I chose to move here, but I'm paying for something I can't use 16 hours of the day, where do I stand on cancelling



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