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Cancelling My Contract


I have had a 12 month contract with BT that apparently expired on 30th April 2010. seemingly I was sent a letter to advise me my contract was up and that if I did nothing I would be signed up for a further 12 months.

I cant honestly say that i have seen the letter but it may have come and I have just ignored it.


Now trying to cancel my contract I have been told that I need to pay a cancellation fee of £84.19, feel this is disgraceful, I am only 12 days into my "New" unsigned contract and the request was made on the 7th May so only 7 days.


Surely there must be some kind of cooling off period especially as they have had a year out of me already.


I welcome any comments.

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Re: Cancelling My Contract

The original contract you agreed to, the second you did not. Unless there is something in the small print of your original agreement that allows an automatic renewal for a further 12 months. Then I would guess that it would be unenforceable. Have a visit to your local Citizens Advice Bureau.


The cooling off period is under the distance selling regulations and refers to your original agreement, where you have a period to change your mind.


What about contacting watchdog, or consumer direct,

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Re: Cancelling My Contract

you for the reply, i will check C.A.B cheers

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Cancelling a contract for services

Further information that may prove useful.


In relation to services, the client must normally exercise her/his right to cancel within seven working days, starting from the day after the contract for services was made. If the client has not been provided with certain written information before or on the day on which the contract for services was made, the period during which s/he can cancel will be extended as follows:-
  • where the written information was provided to her/him while the service was being performed (with the agreement of the client), s/he has seven working days to cancel, starting from the day s/he received the information
  • if the performance of the contract is completed within seven working days, the cancellation period ends on the day that the contract is completed
  • where the written information was not provided to her/him at all, s/he has three months and seven working days to cancel, starting from the day after the contract for services was made.
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Re: Cancelling My Contract

There is an interesting thread on another forum posted by someone with a similar problem. There seems to be an official BT representative that is replying and helping out there.


Your arguement has to be that you did not agree to the extension (Contract) therefore BT cannot enforce it.


I feel that you are likely to win this one.



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Re: Cancelling My Contract

Please help!


I recently went through the Home Move procedure. I have been on the phone to BT for long periods of time, seemingly not achieving anything... I was first informed that I would receive a £5 charge for not informing BT of my move (even though I did) 14 days before I was due to move house. When I got into my new flat, I was still in contract from my previous place for Broadband and line rental. I rang BT, did the Home Move, got mucked around alot, and then got set up with a phone line on 10th June 2010, and Broadband activated on the 18th June 2010. I am not happy with my service of what I am paying. I cannot find details of any "cooling off period" in the Codes of Practice or anywhere else on this site. When I called BT asking about it, they said they simply do not have a cooling off period. Is this legal? The contracts are very new... Otherwise they are saying they will charge me over £300 to cancel them... Smiley Sad

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Re: Cancelling My Contract

Hi real8annoyed,

Once an order for a service becomes active the contract or term starts, though customers can cancel anytime before the order is due to close. A cooling off period applies for equipment e.g. broadband router, Vision box, etc.

This said, your experience doesn't sound good and by the sound of it the line provision was delayed. If there's anything you'd like me to check for you drop me an email at

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Re: Cancelling My Contract

Hi Alarm_Guy1


I have just had a similar experience where my contract was renewed without my knowledge.


I contacted the Mods and this is now being converted to a "Rolling Contract" and with no cancellation charges to myself, as I also did not recieve any notification of the renewal, or an increase in my DD. But that as they say children, is another story!


Hope this info helps.



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Re: Cancelling My Contract

I've just realised that the same thing has happened to us - only because I was clearing out filed paperwork and found last year notice of renewal - never received one for this year so I assume its been renewed without my consent on 6th June.

What did you do Oldboyracer to have it converted without cancellation charges?
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Re: Cancelling My Contract

I'm in a similar positionand I'm wanting to notify them that I do not want o renew my contract and today was the last day to do so, however I didnt get in from work until after the phone lines closed and although I tried to ring anyhow there was no way of Noting my will to not renew the contract. I have since been trying to find a way of doing it through "My BT" online but to no avail.


I'm hoping that I can contact them tomorrow and still let them know I have no intention of continuing and perhaps as this is before their hours of opening it can be just one point of reference as to mydecision not to continue with them.


Fingers crossed!!

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