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Cancelling my contract

I moved into a rented property with my partner in September 10 and took out a contract with BT for 24 months.  This includes BT Vision, Broadband, Calls and Line Rental.  We was told that if we did not sign up for 24 months then we would have to pay for a line to be installed which we could not afford.  In Jan 11 we had to move out of our property due to loss of jobs and not being able to afford to live at the property any longer.  When I called BT to cancel the contract they informed me that I would have to pay nearly £600.  I then asked BT if I could transfer it to my parents house as their contract with BT had finished.  They told me they may loose their number that they have had for 20 years.  This could not be an option as the phone number is used for business calls.  After speaking to about 4 different people, all of them being extremely rude and un-helpful, I asked if BT could help me set up a plan to pay this money back. I was told this was not an option and repeatedly threatened that they will chase me for the money using a debt collection agency.


I do not have the money to pay this back in a lump sum and have found it unbelievable that BT will not help their customers to pay the money back.  As I have not got the money I do not know how I am suppose to get out of this situation??



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Re: Cancelling my contract

Remember that BT are not a public service, they are a profit making company.  As a result, all they are interested in is getting the money from you.


Have you tried getting independent free debt advice (not one of the expensive paid-for companies who are also just trying to make money from you)?

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