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Cancelling my subscription

Are BT leaking accounts at the moment?


The young lady on the other line did everything she could to keep me, which is fine, too late, but fine.


She then told me I could not have a mac code because Sky had already put in a cancellation request. If I could ask them to cancel it then she could then give me a mac code. Nice little catch-22 developing here. I spoke to sky and they said she was lying. I called BT back and they said that the REAL reason I could not get a mac code is because the system was down!


They will email me my mac code in 5 working days.


Anyone else had this runaround?


I'm not holding my breath for that email.




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Re: Cancelling my subscription

Isp,s are legaly obliged to provide MAC within 5 days

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Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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