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Cannot Access Email After Talk21 Migration

I am posting on behalf of a friend who has had a email address for many years, but can no longer access it on his various devices. He received notification late last year that there was a migration of the addresses to BT . Everything remained working until the migration of his account took place. He had his email account set up on an iPhone, iPad and Android tablet. All suddenly stopped working. He raised a case with BT and eventually they acknowledged the issue was the migration, and they recently resolved it in terms of being able to logon to the main Internet BT mail login page. The following should be noted:

When he logs on to the BT login page it takes him to his webmail which has a BT Yahoo logo at the top left.

His password was reset several times during BT troubleshooting but the current one has no special characters, it consists of only lowercase letters and numbers. 

I have tried setting up his email on my own desktop and laptop using Outlook 365 via IMAP. The settings I used are:

IMAP server =

Port = 993

SSL enabled

Username = (NOTE I have also tried using


SMTP server =

Port = 465

SSL enabled

Username = (NOTE I have also tried using

Ticked "Outgoing server requires authentication"


However, when I test the connection it pops up a login box for server and won't accept his username and password. As mentioned above I've tried using the and usernames. The password works perfectly for the BT email login page so I know its working.


I've also tried setting up his email on my Android using the manual settings for an email account. The settings are as given above, but I get the error "The username or password is incorrect or POP/IMAP access isn't turned on for this account. Check your account settings on the web, then try again".

So, this issue is happening on his iPhone, his iPad, and his Android tablet, plus Outlook clients on my laptop and desktop PC, and my own Android phone. It is obviously not device-related but account related or settings-specific. He has called BT several times to try to get this resolved at which point he asked me for help. Does anyone here have experience of knowledge of what is likely to be wrong?

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Re: Cannot Access Email After Talk21 Migration

Follow the advice in message 2 of this  thread using the format


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