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Cannot access discs at all :(

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I have the 3 disc pack, and for providing wifi across the house, its been a godsend.

But, the mobile app will not work as it fails to detect any discs, even though the phone is connected to the disc wifi.

In addition, none of the disc web interfaces are accessible either - any attempt via browser results in a simple 'Failed to Connect', again even though I'm on the disc network either by wifi or on ethernet direct to a disc.

What's next?  Pin hole factory reset on all the discs? 

Anyone else having these issues? I can't check/update firmware for example 😞


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Re: Cannot access discs at all :(

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After a reset, the disc web interface kinda works - at least I can log in now.

However, the 3 status pages show an empty grey box.

The Firmware update check is simply spinning.

The mobile app still does not work.

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Re: Cannot access discs at all :(

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And finally, fixed by a factory reset of all discs.  The primary disc took three attempts to reset - aka 3 presses of the little reset button - to make it actually reset.  It looks like the misbehaving primary disc was the cause of all the trouble, as the web interface and the mobile app are all finally OK again.

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