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Cannot complete order for BT Infinity



Im in the process of buying a house and have just begun investigating what broadband options are available.  One of which is Infinity.


I've gone to BT Wholesale put in the address and I get the follwing




VDSL Range A (Clean)21.5151.20.8--Available--
VDSL Range B (Impacted)
WBC ADSL 2+Up to 12--7 to 17Available--
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 12Up to 17 to 17Available--
ADSL MaxUp to 6.5--5.5 to 8Available--
WBC Fixed Rate2----Available--
Fixed Rate2----Available--
VDSL Multicast------Available--
ADSL Multicast------Available--


So the Low Speed is 15 - Great, I should be able to get Infinity


I go to the BT Infinity page, put the address in - Yes, Infinity is available in your area. 


Start making my way through the order, confirm the address, it finds a line, says do you want to take over the line...I say yes, then it offers me Total Broadband and not Infinity - I know this is the same, but this doesnt allow me to get the TV package im interested in.


i was under the impresson that a minimum speed of 15Mbps was requred to get Infinity? or have I misunderstood?

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Re: Cannot complete order for BT Infinity

If you are taking over a line then you must know the number. Use the number to check rather than the address as it will be more accurate.


If you are only offered Faster Broadband it would suggest you are further from the cabinet and would not be able to achieve the minimum 15Mb/s ror Infinity but your connection would still be an FTTC one.


The same in all but name.

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