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Re: Cannot download smart talk app since update.


Has anyone had any success finding the .apk file for this when it was compatible with 2.2.2 yet?

Could BT not put it up on the play store as Version 1 or something?

Or put it on their website for download?

I was looking to do a full reset on the phone but am so pleased I checked here first, otherwise I'd be in the same boat as the OP.

do you have the old version of smarttalk compatible with android 2.2.2?  if so you should be able to copy to your pc/laptop and save for future using one of the file manager apps

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Re: Cannot download smart talk app since update.

To add


No use to the OP now but one could install an 'apk extractor' and obtain the .apk file that way;)


Then old or new apps can be added or deleted at will:)

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