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Cannot get SmartTalk to work!!!

New to SmartTalk and trying to get it to work, but it won't. Got to the point where it asks 'Are you at home?' So I put in my home phone number and click the button 'Call my home phone now'. A pop-up appears that says '! We're about to call you on ***** ****** We'll call almost immediately, so please make sure nobody's using the phone'. So I click on OK. Another pop-up appears that says '! BT account problem   We've checked the BT account and there's something stopping you from signing up to BT Smart Talk. See our online FAQ for information on things that can stop sign-up'. So I click on View FAQ and a list comes up but there's nothing in the FAQ that means I should have this issue. I call the help line. After being pushed from India to UK to India I speak to a fella that says there's nothing wrong with my account and other people are having the same problem as me and he'll put me in the queue and expect a call back from BT within two days. Irony, I have to give a Vodafone mobile number for somebody to call me on as I don't get a BT mobile signal at home, hence trying to sign up for SmartTalk. Before I get a supposed call from BT has anybody else had this issue and fixed it??


The only things I think that could be an issue, but shouldn't be, are:-

I have another unrelated SIM that I'm waiting to activate (son's birthday present)

I have put a £5 cap on my monthly spend via My BT as well as blocking data roaming whilst abroad.

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Re: Cannot get SmartTalk to work!!!

Hi there,


I don't think the problem should be anything to do with your BT Mobile account, as Smarttalk is connected to your Home Phone line (not your BT Mobile service).


I had a similar problem a few years ago where Smarttalk wouldn't let me sign up at all. The root cause was that I'd previously had Smarttalk installed on another mobile phone and hadn't 'deregistered' that phone before wiping it and selling it. I can't remember exactly how it was resolved (sorry), but I did need to speak to BT and I did eventually get a call back from someone who sounded like they knew exactly what was wrong, and they were able to fix it.


Good luck!


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Re: Cannot get SmartTalk to work!!!

Hi @jimska,


Did you manage to get your Smart Talk working? If not, I'll be able to help you with this. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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Re: Cannot get SmartTalk to work!!!

contacting now

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