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Cannot get into BT.

I suddenly joined BT. I have password, now seriously out-of-date, and I have an email address. I thought I was being clever, my nickname is essentkui and I I thought that I made password very clear. I haven't any products from their store nor do I have a bill.


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Re: Cannot get into BT.

Have you created a MYBT ACCOUNT. This will enable to to see orders, your package and manage your account including seeing your bill

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Re: Cannot get into BT.

Yes, I have done all that.

I answered a NICKNAME and the password I used to use when I was one of BT boys wouldn't fit [they changed the requirement] so I made a invented a new one, trouble is that I don't read the text when I post and conversely I don't read the text when something is important by email.

HELP . I want the URL to change my password and email settings.

Jeff Gordon

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