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Cannot log into my email account on my phone or ipad

I changed my password on my email account today for security reasons. Now I cannot log into my account on my iPhone or iPad and my longstanding email address is useless. Spent an hour on a web chat which was useless as the person insisted on changing my password from a strong one to a weak one telling me someone would call me tonight. Guess what - no call back and no email without logging in via a web browser. My husband is the account holder but my account doesn’t show as a sub or affiliate account. Does anyone know what’s going on? How do I get my email working on my phone and iPad again?
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Re: Cannot log into my email account on my phone or ipad

Try using your old password.

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Re: Cannot log into my email account on my phone or ipad

Yes obvious answer. That was what started the problem. I changed it as I was informed that my data was subject to a security breach so I changed all passwords today for my security and now this. I’ve changed my passwords many times before with no problems. It’s something BT have done looking at other posts. Thanks for your helpful answer though!!!

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Re: Cannot log into my email account on my phone or ipad

How were you informed that your data was 'subject to a security breach', was it by email and did you click on any links in the email?

Can you access webmail here

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Re: Cannot log into my email account on my phone or ipad

I received a web monitoring email alert direct from Experian which is a service I pay for because I was a previous victim of a clever identity fraud after a burgarly of my home when my handbag and its contents were taken. Fortunately I have all my accounts with clever passwords but it didn’t stop them from trying - unsuccessfully. I am now advised that my email address and it’s password are being published and sold on illegal websites. I also had not changed my password after the yahoo hack a couple of years ago.No I really am not so stupid or naive to click links and I think you are being rather intrusive when all I asked for was if anyone else had similar issues. I changed all my passwords within an hour of my web monitoring alert and yes I can still access my account in a browser. That was NOT my question. Anything else you want to know or ask me unhelpful questions on or can you maybe help me with my issue which is why I’m on here? Rather than answer intrusive and quite patronising questions about how you appear to think I have been hacked when the issue is a change made to email account tcs and cs by BT.
If anyone else has any useful constructive advice it would be gratefully received. Thanks
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Re: Cannot log into my email account on my phone or ipad

All the users on this forum are BT customers just like you and are not mind readers. They give their time freely to try and assist people such as you.

If you read through the forum you will see that the questions you were asked were to try and assist you.  The answers given would help to diagnose what was possibly causing your problem.

As regards the question you appear to be asking. If you had done a search of the forum you would have found the answer your self without the need for you to feel you were being patronised.

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