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Cannot put BT mail on Iphone

My BT mail account on iPhone not working, so I deleted the old account as that was the advice from old threads but I  cannot now install afresh! Anyone else facing this problem? I know the password and everything is correct but keep getting "server is not responding" message!!!

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Re: Cannot put BT mail on Iphone

My wife and I are getting this problem too, both on iphone and Macbook. On the Macbook it is a slightly different error message ("The attempt to read from server 'null' failed") but the result is the same - no emails available. I can get my emails via webmail, but that is not the point. The system has been OK since the transition fromYahoo but now it is awful.

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Re: Cannot put BT mail on Iphone

I'm flummoxed! 

I can get my BT mail on my MacBook as usual but not my iPhone.

I have my own work mail on the iPhone as well and that's absolutely fine, so it has to be something weird with BT/IOS.

Updated password, waited hours for sync, still not working. I'm ready to throw the iPhone at the wall as I'm on the road for a while and need my personal BT mail to deal with a few things going on. 

So weird.

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