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Cannot receive calls or texts

I recently ported my mobile number from EE to BT Mobile and activation was nominally completed today. I can make calls and the numbber appears correctly in caller display. I can also send texts to another mobile. However, dialling the number immediately brings up "This person's phone is switched off" -- which sounds like an EE error message -- and texts are not received. 

Any assistance or advice welcome. 

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Re: Cannot receive calls or texts

This has now resolved itself, in that the phone works normally for incoming and outgoing calls and texts. However, it won't work on data! In Settings, trying to switch mobile data on results in 'Disconnected'. Any suggestions?
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Re: Cannot receive calls or texts

You might need to update the APN info on the phone. If it's Android go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access point names > enter "" (without the quotes).

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Re: Cannot receive calls or texts

The phone is an elderly HTC One M7 so I guess the sequence is Settings/Mobile data/Mobile network settings. This offers the 'Access point names' option, and pressing it brings up the message 'Access Point Name settings are not available for this user'. Pressing the three dots at upper right gives 'Edit access point' but the entries are all blank and I've no idea what to put in there. Any suggestions very welcome. 

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