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Cannot send emails to BT Yahoo from Outlook 2016

I recently bought a new PC with Windows 10 and installed Microsoft Office 365 including Outlook 2016.


All appeared to be fine but then I found that while I was receiving emails fine from my BT Yahoo account I could not send them.  They appear to go - they end up in the Sent Items folder but they never reach their destination.  I have tried the following:


1) Checking the Outlook settings for the BT account - they are fine (I'm using IMAP) with the recommended ports etc...

2) Deleting the email account and re-creating it both automatically and manually

3) Using POP3 settings instread of IMAP but no joy there either.


I have had 2 PC support guys and 3 BT support people look at this problem but each blames the other - the PC guys say it's BT, the BT guys say it's a problem on my PC.  I don't know who to believe - I don't think any of them know.


I have also found that if I reply to a mail that I've received the reply DOES get delivered.  It's just newly created emails in Outlook that don't go.


I don't really know what to try next - does anyone have any ideas?



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Re: Cannot send emails to BT Yahoo from Outlook 2016

I think I have seen this before. The only solution I can suggest is use a third party SMTP relay service. I think there are some free services but I have used a service provided by GRADWELL. there is some configuration to do with SMTP settings but it can solve a situation like this. Costs about £25 per annum. After a year you can try the BT Smtp settings again.


Good luck,




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