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Cant order BT Infinity - can anybody help???

Hello all, looking for some help / advice from the mods...
The email notification finally arrived yesterday & according to BT the infinity service is now enabled in my exchange. Yeahy!
I've been to review this status on the Infinity checker and availability is confirmed. Double yeahy!
The Exchange is Donnington (Telford & Wrekin - 01952....)

I started a order for Infinity, only after entering my details I was shown the following message:
bt message.PNG

You can do nothing but go back to the order screen from this message. frown
Calling the number listed is no help - its no longer in service / available.
Google for the "Trial" details above I've discovered a page from BT suggesting its a scheme from 2007/2008??? Regardless, I've never opted into such scheme so don't understand what this is...

I've currently a BT line into the property, and current ISP is BT Total BB, so no third party involved confusing the matter here.
I submitted a "contact BT" request about this, and the helpful advice was to order BT Infinity over the phone...

In speaking with BT today, the sales assistant also received a similar message in trying to order infintiy service against my property, and the only advice they could offer is they could see some "activity" on the exchange on the 15th - so suggested calling me back on the 17th to place the order... I'm not convinced / concerned that I now face a wait and it'll be the same next time! (yes, i'm impatient!)
If that is the case, why would BT generate emails and the availability checker against the phone number show its now available??
Looks like my options are either to wait it out, or try the sales number again & see if I get an operator who might know a bit more? I know thats bad practice, but I also know the level of service often differs between operators!!

So over to you, anybody else have experience of this / had any similar problems while placing an order?

Thanks for reading if you got this far & I appreciate any help!

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Re: Cant order BT Infinity - can anybody help???

Contact the mods using the contact form (link in my sig), it will take about 3 days for them to get back to you but they shhould be able to get to the bottom of it for you.