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Caution counter resets

It appears that Openreach has introduced an option for ISPs to request batches of DLM caution counter resets.  What's the process to ask BT to request a caution counter reset on my line?   (My line is very stable with low errors but is banded. Historically it was affected by errors due to RFI from within my property, which I resolved months ago.  The banding is slowly being lifted, but it's a painfully slow process...typically 30+ days for each increment, and even a single slightly "yellow" day starts the whole 30 day loop again....)

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Re: Caution counter resets

There isn't a process nothing will be done unless a problem with the line has been repaired and after the repair the profile is stuck.


As DLM is till making adjustments to your line then it is working so I doubt anything will be done in your case.



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Re: Caution counter resets

There was some discussion about it here.


Maybe bit soon soon for a process

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