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Community Manager
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Change of Mods 'Contact Us' link

Hi Everyone,


I would like to apologise for the extended delay that some customers have had to wait in getting a reply from the moderators.  We are extremely busy at the moment which I think is testament to how much our community is growing.


As you may have noticed, we have added an extra mod to our team, NeilO,  so we can get on top of our workload.  I am sure you will all welcome NeilO to the community and engage with him at some point, we are very happy to have him working with us.


We just wanted to let everyone know that we are changing the way in which we offer moderators support.  There are always going to be times when the community cannot answer a question or deal with an issue that has happened and this is where the moderators email contact comes in to play.


Currently the contact link is located in the mods profile and this can be viewed by everyone, the link is also readily available across a number of threads and because of this we are finding that this contact route is being used by non-community members, which is slowing us down and therefore creating a backlog for us so we are taking longer to deal or even get round to helping genuine forum cases.


 As a team we feel that this is defeating  the purpose of the forum as we find that our email contact is being abused slightly as a direct route for customer facing issues instead of the customer first posting on the forum and allowing the community to help, we are by no means refusing help to anyone but we are trying to give the community more of a chance to help with customer queries before filling out our contact link. 


The forum is a customer to customer environment and moderation intervention is normally reserved for back end or account specific fixes that community members will never be able to resolve, there are members of the forum who have had similar experiences to you and the wealth of knowledge on the community is valuable to all BT customers, we have a great team of community leaders who are here to help and many other users who have a whole host of knowledge between them.


So to get to the new process, we have decided to cease the use of our current ‘Contact us’ link, we have created a new one to use but this will not be posted on the forum, instead the link will be located in the same place as the current one, in the ‘About me’ section of the mods profile, the only difference is that the mods will change their privacy settings to hide this.  If the link appears on the forum the moderator will remove it.


When a mod comes across a poster that needs Mod help then we will make our contact link available to the poster in question, please note the mods will still be reading every single post on the forum so if you need help from us, we will identify this and make our contact link available.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of this community for the fantastic support that you provide to all users of the forum and also thank you for supporting the moderation team.  We are growing every day and this is down to the positive interactions amongst users and the help offered every day by our community leaders, wider community members and the moderation team.


I feel this is a positive move and the purpose is to help our community grow and allow the moderators to continue to offer the excellent support they do and have been doing for some time.  The main reason we are making this change is to allow our community to reach its full potential and ensure that the moderators time is used effectively for those members who need us most.