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Changed phone number after a fault

My mothers land line died on 13th December and when the fault was reported was told the fix would be jan 7th! She is 87 with dementia and her husband is 91 and is suffering with prostate cancer so they both have regular needs to contact the doctors etc. I flagged this via her provider ( Moneysaver Telecom who are worse than useless) and an Openreach engineer called on Dec 31st and re-established a line but with a new number. While a problem they at least had a line. Yesterday, 7th Jan, the engineer came again and has given them another new number! How can I get through to Openreach to get them to give my mother her original number back so she can speak to friends and family and receive calls from the doctors about their appointments etc?

All phone numbers from Openreach just real off web addresses

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Re: Changed phone number after a fault


As this is a BT Retail Customer forum, she will have to deal with Moneysaver Telecom, as they are her provider. Only her provider can deal with Openreach.

BT Retail have nothing to do with Openreach.

Should she decide to move to BT Retail, then this forum may be able to help, especially if her number was originally issued by BT.



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Re: Changed phone number after a fault

Thanks Keith, I realise that there are "Chinese walls" between BT and Openreach but am desperate to get hold of Openreach directly as I am worried they will miss hospital appointments etc.

Also following the abysmal service from her provider; who is effectively uncontactable; we are switching her back to BT but given the changes to her number am worried this will be a problem as well; which number will be ported!

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Re: Changed phone number after a fault

Its not a case of "Chinese Walls", Openreach are now a separate company.

There is no way for you to contact Openreach directly.

What I can say, however, if the number she wants to keep, was originally issued by BT Retail, at the same address as she is now, then its normally possible to get it back.

Each provider has their own number range, and if you like, I can check to see if the number she wants to keep, is owned by BT Retail.

Please do not post the full number here, just remove the last two digits, and I can look it up on the Ofcom database.

If you would rather look it up yourself, then these are the instructions.

If you have a quick look at the OFCOM website :-

and download the spreadsheet that contains your number range (note the numbers exclude the leading zero). The line in the spreadsheet will show to whom the range is allocated.

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