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Changes to BT’s portal and email services

I have just spend approximately 47 minutes on the phone to BT help desk regarding the forthcoming new email service. Can I have some clarification from a BT representative that the BT are not going to take on the disposable email addresses linked to the main email accounts. If this is correct can I ask if any research has been done by BT or Yahoo into how many users this will affect. I am also interested to hear from other BT Yahoo email users who have link disposable address to their main accounts, please note that these email addresses have the following format (XXXX is user definable eg company name or business).




Dave M

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Re: Changes to BT’s portal and email services

While I dont have disposable email addresses. BT will[hopefully] by the end of the year transferred all BT yahoo users over to BT MAIL. I look forward to that with great pleasure due to yahoos insistance in trying to get BT users to move to Yahoo email. As far as I know BT will not be keeping and you will need to use Yahoo itself or another service.  There are various places on this website where you can get all the information about the changes. Once the changes take place hopefully we will have a more secure email service also without wall to wall ads via yahoo forcing me to install apps on my browsers. Do you know yahoo also has a duplicate site for all BTyahoo users I am  sure that site will deal with yahoo only actions just click on = 

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Re: Changes to BT’s portal and email services

You could have saved yourself the phone call.  This is BT's official position:-


Some BT Yahoo! Mail customers use disposable email addresses (sometimes called aliases). Although you'll be able to create disposable email address with the new BT Mail service, it won't be possible to move your existing ones over to it. If this affects you, we'll get in touch nearer the time to let you know what to do.



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