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Changing Infinity dates - Eversley exchange



I've been reading these forums and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the continually moving dates for Infinity availability in my area. I'm attached to the Eversley exchange which according to the BT Infinity map has been enabled.


I've been waiting for the last year to get Infinity and it looked promising after calling BT sales on the 25th June, apparently it was going to be available today, the 1st July.


The problem being that having phoned today I was told that it wasn't going to be available until the 1st of September. It seems very odd that within 6 days the availability date would have moved back two months.


Sorry if this seems like a bit of a moan but any help in understanding why the dates keep on changing would be much appreciated.



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Re: Changing Infinity dates - Eversley exchange

as has now been posted many times the dates given are place holders (estimates ) there are many reasons for delays for example the local power company not connecting power to the new cabinets also many places have problem's with blocked and collapsed cable ducts that need clearing and in some cases need replacing before the fibre can be laid also not all the installed in an exchange area are activated at the time the exchange is activated and indeed they could be anything from weeks to months later that September date could become either earlier or later also not all cabinets can be activated for fibre due to technical reasons
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Re: Changing Infinity dates - Eversley exchange

Thanks for your reply.


I suppose its just annoying that I can call up BT and be told that if I call back on the 1st of July I can order it. Then when I do BT seems to deny all knowledge and give me a date in 3 months time...

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Re: Changing Infinity dates - Eversley exchange

Its a very confusing and unhelpful policy.  It would be simple to note that it is stuck with town planning if that info is available or at the very least say that they are provisional or in fact give no date at all rather than one that is plucked out of thin air.  I assume that BT think they will keep people interested by stringing them along but in fact it is just making people very frustrated and angry.

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Re: Changing Infinity dates - Eversley exchange

you should look through the forum at all the posts from people complaining they have no date at all 😞
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Re: Changing Infinity dates - Eversley exchange

I had ever changing dates. just as "D Day" was approaching, it would be put back 3 months!


We now have Infinity2 which is excellent, but we are only about 200m from the cabinet.


Unlike me who has no patience at all, try to be, as it will be worth it in the end.




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