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Changing Names - Cut off service

We are attempting to upgrade our boardband, we were due to have a visit from an engineer on Thursday, no one showed. 


The phoneline was cut off this morning and after speaking to several people I established that the people at the call centre had logged a request for moving house, in place of an upgrade and a name change. (A letter was sent to an old address that I moved from ten years ago to ask was I moving?)


Oddly the boardband still worked although the phone line had been disconnected, no one I spoke to could trace a boardband connected to my phoneline or our broadband account.


After a few more calls to the call centre, I was able to establish that our phone would be re-connected on 14th when our boardband would be upgarded.   They had to re-organise the engineer - according to the engineering department they had no trace of a job.


 Why we should be left without a phone for two days for an upgrade I am not sure.. any how the engineer will now come out on the 14th to upgrade the boardband - but will phone us first to say he is coming.  Not sure how as we have no phone line at the moment.


Now to add insult to injury our boardband has just gone dead.


Can anyone tell me who I should phone in order to have my phone line and broadband restored, and how I can find the account number out for our boardband?

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Re: Changing Names - Cut off service

I think you would be best to wait for the engineer to come out and sort everything, otherwise if you end up asking more than one person at BT for help it will get complicated. Your issues came from a lack of communication and organisation you don't want to add more claims/counter-claims/requests etc to that and risk making it worse. if, however, you did want to contact someone else to make sure it is done I would recommend the forum team which you can email at, they're normally good at making sure things run smoothly. Make sure you link this forum thread when you contact them.


As for your user account number, it should be on any letters you recieve from BT, it should clearly state somewhere near the top of the letter what your Account number is.


Good Luck.

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Re: Changing Names - Cut off service

Thank Sweeney 47,


Most of the duplicate phone conversations came from being passed from one section to another, and even being rung back to different departments.


I understand what you say about the account number, but believe it or not as we pay for the boardband via credit card every month, we have not received any letters from BT in the nine years that we have had the boardband connect..

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Re: Changing Names - Cut off service

Hi Heather,


Thanks for posting. I've picked up your email and will drop you a reply.





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Re: Changing Names - Cut off service



sorry I should of posted yesterday,


as no engineer had turned up I spoke to someone at the Indian call centre who blunty told me that I have a live line into my house it is and gave me a new number.  He also told me that I had to re-order the broadband.


Armed with the new number, I spoke to Gail (who was a star) at sales who managed to get the new number working, and sort out a few of the other problems.  I was than passed on to the broadband sales people who could infact trace the original order which was placed as it was made against the new telephone number.  The hub should be arriving today, and the engineer will be with 48 hours to make a connection appointment. (Hopefully this will happen)


Still a bit miffed that no one had told me about the new number, the address that BT is using has re-verted to my old address of ten years ago, and that we have lost our broadband connection until the engineer comes out.


Hopefully our telephone bill is going to come through okay.


Thanks for having a look at what went wrong.


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