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Changing an account holder name



I live in a shared flat and the account holder for our BT account has moved out. Is there a way to simply change the account holder name, as we would still like all the payment details to remain the same?


From looking at other posts it seems we would have to close the account and re-open another. Surely BT have a system for people living in shared houses, where I should imagine tenants change regularly. It seems ludicrous to have to close the whole account and then sign up again to the exact same package every time someone moves out?


If anyone could clarify I would be grateful.



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Re: Changing an account holder name

only time I have seen BT allow the take over of an account is on a close family bereavement - otherwise need to close existing account and start a new account

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Re: Changing an account holder name

I would use it as a great way to get a better deal, if you've had the same contract for more than 6 months you're likely to find a better deal when you call anyway, and as a new account can take advantage of a myriad of deals going at the moment!  Perfect, look at it as a positive, not a negative...


You would have to take out a fresh 24 month contract changing almost anything on your account anyway, so even if they allowed changing details they would probably insist on a new contract term, however, these aren't difficult to escape from if you need to, just ask what the cancellation cost per month is (£1.50/month has been mine for years) if this is what is making you wary?

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Re: Changing an account holder name

Imjolly is correct they will only allow a change in the case of a bereavement as to cancellation that can be very expensive depending on the package you are onand how long it has left to run there ae many posts on that subject it can go into hundreds
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