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Changing from Sky to BT TV



We're considering switching from Sky to BT TV + Infinity, but are unsure whether any of the BT boxes will provide sufficient signal splitting as we currently have with the Sky box, and wondered if we could get some assistance on this matter?


Currently we have an overly complicated setup in order to provide TV signals to the various TVs around the house, whereby the main aerial feeds into the back of the Sky box, and then comes out of the box, into a splitter, which then divides it into 4/5 cables that go into a hole in the wall and then feed out to various rooms around the house.


Currently there are:

 - Aerial In (obviously the main aerial feed)

 - RF Out 1

 - RF Out 2

 - Dish Input 1

 - Dish Input 2


If the BT TV box has the same setup of inputs and outputs, then all should be easy enough to unplug and replug I would assume, but if not, then hopefully I can get some feedback on how exactly this would work with the BT boxes.


The crazy setup is all due to the house having an awful TV signal many years ago, which has since improved, but we're kind of stuck with these wires now!


Any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks,



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Re: Changing from Sky to BT TV

Hi there


I have just switched and I was in the same situation. I have a Trax distribution box.

First consider that BT cannot be distributed to the house so you will loose your magic eye functionality unless you buy a modulator.

The second thing to consider is that the Youview+ box passthrough is terrible compared to the Sky RF out and the box itself not that good at signal management.

I firstly tried to use the trax distribution system but I had to give up as the signal was not good enough.


I have now installed a labgear 6 ways freeview distribution ammplifier with a pre-amplifier and I need to use a masthead pre-amp otherwise the Youview+ box does not get good signal on some channels. My aerial however is in the loft.


If you have an outdoor aerial and have strong signal you should be OK check on ukfreetv by entering your postcode


Once you are all set unless you buy a modulator the extra internest channels will only be on the tv connected to the youview box the rest will only have freeview

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Re: Changing from Sky to BT TV

There is no dish input on a youview box.
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Re: Changing from Sky to BT TV

i am assuming he will get rid of sky as the recording will stop when the subscription ends. Otherwise you can connect the youview box to the RF out 1 of the sky box
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Re: Changing from Sky to BT TV


The Sky box has a built in TV modulator, the BT ones don't have this feature, they don't have the magic eye facility either. 


Using the RF output means no HD and mono sound and I guess new TV's don't even have analogue tuners since 2012 ?



I had my Sky box on the upstairs office TV via a 15M long HDMI cable and a splitter, which works perfectly. I presumably can continue to do this with the BT Box when Sky goes off. I'm saving £25 a month so I guess I could treat myself to a remote control extender 🙂


I think my old Sony Triniton in the bedroom is destined for the tip any way, since I  watch on my Android tab.  if/when the need arises.



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Re: Changing from Sky to BT TV

Both the sky box and freeview box will still passthrough freeview in full including encoded audio. The youview per se will not modulate the internet channel as sky rf out 2 does
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