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Changing my order

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I've ordered a new BT broadband package unlimited broadband and calls, but after researching inifinity I would quite like to upgrade. But my order has already been placed. Any way of upgrading my order so on the dat it upgrades to BT infinity instead of BT unlimited?

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Re: Changing my order

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Hello Helensmith,


It might be worth contacting the Mods to see if they can help:


 It might be a good idea including your customer number and phone number and your full address in the contact form to the Mods. Give them all the information that you got when you ordered BB Unlimited (reference number).

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Re: Changing my order

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- used to have BT business line 'x'

- had this cancelled end of May 2011

- asked BT personal to set up new account on 6th June

 - BT personal said there was still an active line to the house

 - confirmed with business line 'x' was inactive (but another unknown line 'y' was still showing as active to my property,  inhibiting set up of any line

 - now been told will take until July 12th 2011 to get an engineer out to set up a line 'z' in order to activate broadband account.


I'm a bit sick of going round in circles with this and hoped that the new line z will be in place on the 12th July.


Anyway, Question: Does anyone know if once a BT broadband option 3 package is set up that it can be changed to superfast BT infinity broadband during the order process? I requested back on the 6th june to have an infinity broadband personal account set up and now BT seem to be setting up a different package which I do not want (as I don't want a landline)


Any idea anyone?



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