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Changing "reply to" address

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I have a friend, who is not very computer savvy, who also has a BT Mail address with the reply-to address set to an old email address that is no longer used. He uses webmail. He would like the reply-to address removed.

He did raise complaint about it by phone last year but nothing came of it.

Please can a moderator get in touch with me so I can put my friend in contact with the appropriate BT team who can remove the reply-to address for him.

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Re: Changing "reply to" address

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Hi @sean_a_d 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry that your friend has been trying to remove this address for quite some time.  We can help get this updated from here.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your friend's details and we'll look into this for them.  We will need to speak with your friend directly before we'll be able to sort this out so if you could also include a good contact number that would be great. See: Private messages



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Re: Changing "reply to" address

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It would probably be best if your friend posted the problem on the forum so that the moderators, if they can help, will deal with him directly.

He can post on this thread and it will be picked up.

EDIT: Post crossed with the moderator's post.

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Re: Changing "reply to" address

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Hello RobbieMac...

Is the REPLY-TO option still unable to be changed by us end users ?  My neighbour has a situation where her outgoing eMails all have an embedded REPLY-TO address that is not hers (and not anyone she knows).

The issue must be embedded in her BT mail A/C because if she eMails from a 3rd Party eMail App (eg Windows Live Mail) with IMAP to her BT eMail Address,  the REPLY-TO is correct (ie her own address)...   however if she eMails from BT WebMail or Android or the IOS  BT-APP,  the REPLY-TO  has been altered.

We have signed-in elsewhere to WebMail with her credentials and it happens from my own PC when using her credentials.

We have looked at SETTINGS / MAIL / ACCOUNTS etc... but no sign of a REPLY-TO option anywhere.

One thing is for sure,  the 'bad REPLY-TO' address is being picked up server-side and inserted covertly.

Look fwd. to your suggestions.


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