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Charged £9 for 500GB BT Cloud storage

Hi jam2000

Has your problem been resolved now?

I have the same problem.  I've phoned three times and been assured each time that the £9 standing charge will be cancelled. I've had  credits on my bill but the extra storage is still shown when I log in.  I won't know for certain until my next bill comes out in late Oct, but I have a bad feeling about this - and don't relish yet another lengthy call to 0800  800 150.

(As a matter of interest, the  call centre personnel weren't able to get rid of the standing charge and had to get through to the 'specialists')

Eddie J

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Charged £9 for 500GB BT Cloud storage

@edxw Yes problem now resolved

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Charged £9 for 500GB BT Cloud storage

Thanks - hope the success you had rubs off on me!

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Re: Charged £9 for 500GB BT Cloud storage

Hi @edxw 

Thanks for your post and welcome back!  I have moved your posts to start your own discussion as the thread you posted on has already been marked as solved.

I'm sorry that you're being charged £9 per month for the extra BT Cloud storage.  I appreciate the time you have spent trying to get this sorted out.  Make sure and come back to me on here when you get your next bill to let me know, either way, if the issue is fixed or not.

If you're still in the same boat we'll pick this up and help get you sorted out.



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Re: Charged £9 for 500GB BT Cloud storage

Thanks for the reassurance, Robbie - I'll report back, either way.

The galling thing about this is that I was forced to buy extra storage in June because of a fault in BT Cloud that made it impossible to purge previous versions of files*.  That fault has now been corrected (in my case anyway).



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Re: Charged £9 for 500GB BT Cloud storage

The £9 monthly charge seems to have been permantly removed from my account.  After four unsuccessful attempts, involving long phone conversations, I made a formal complaint (online) and it was quickly sorted.  I've waited until I got my November bill to be sure and I'm happy to report it's OK. Shame it took a formal complaint to get someone to remedy  something.

Sadly,  my satisfaction was short-lived, as I now find I'm a victim of the recent BT Cloud Update Disaster - see

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