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Charged for BT sport



I have just noticed for the last few months I have been charged £5 per month for BT Sport. I never ordered it and have never used it. I understand that a leter was sent out telling customers they would be charged last year, but I never got any leters or emails informing me of this. How do I cancel this charge and get a refund? I never have used it or expect to ever need it. All I want is my broadband infinity 2 and call package as agreed when I signed up.


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Re: Charged for BT sport

It used to be free with BT Broadband, so they may have just added it to your order without you even realising.  BT wrote to everybody, or emailed them, back in June/July to say that it would be chargeable from August.  I think you've now missed the deadline to claim a refund, even though BT extended it at OFCOM's insistance.


Cancellation can only be done over the phone.  Just phone 0800 783 1401 for the cancellations department.  They may try to sell you BT Sport Lite, which is free, but only if you agree to a new 12 month contract.  Cancellation is free, and requires no contract.

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Re: Charged for BT sport

Thank you, I will ring them, no doubt will spend about 2 hours on the phone being transfered between call centres, but hey ho.


I never got any email or letter from them informing me about it. If I had my wife would of noticed, believe me!

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