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Check BT Signal Assist

Is there a way to check my signal assist is working apart from looking at the phone signal as I only just get 1 bar on phone 2 if lucky? 

I cannot seem to find any info on it I have just done a reset still the same.

 My IMEI number is one digit out from what is the BT website to my phone. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it or showing one less for security reason.

 Thanks for any help

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Re: Check BT Signal Assist

Hi @organic When you're on a call connected through BT Signal Assist, the green light will flash slowly and you'll hear a beep at the start of the call. Is this happening when you're on a call?

Just worth noting, if you get out of the range of the Signal Assist while you’re on a call, your call may drop unless there’s a BT Mobile signal available when this happens.

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Re: Check BT Signal Assist

Thanks for getting back to me. I am off shore now and no way of checking it all I know I get one bar on phone 2 on a good day.

Me back home in about a moth will check it then.

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