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Cheshire rural residents ignored ...

Our village now has faster broadband as part of Connecting Cheshire Faster Broadband however we have now been told that our premises are unlikely to ever be connected because 'we are too far from the Exchange'!  We find that a handful of us have been connected to the Kelsall exchange (3 miles away and across hills and open countryside) whereas our lucky neighbours are connected to the Tarporley exchange and hence to the Utkinton green box which provides faster broadband.  How ridiculous is this?

Surely the simple solution would be disconnect us all from Kelsall and put us on the Tarporley exchange? In these days of technology surely BT or Open Reach can fix it for us, please? 

We cannot continue with the current situation.  We run a business from home.  Our broadband 'speeds' range between 0 and 1.6 on a good day!  If anyone dares send a large file or attachment our email system slows to a halt.  We can never watch movies or videos.  We are not on a desert island but it is like living in the Darg Ages.  Please help us.  Our post code is CW6 0JZ.

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Re: Cheshire rural residents ignored ...

the Kelsall exchnage is already fibre enabled but I assume you are too far from your green street cabinet or that your street cabinet has not yet been enabled.  Openreach won't move you from one exchange to another and have said this on many occasions.


If you are running a business from home maybe you should be posting on the business forum

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Re: Cheshire rural residents ignored ...

Distance from the Exchange has nothing to do with FTTC unless the PCP is literally outside the Exchange.....
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