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Christmas Number One

Following on from Stuart's thread on Christmas music in general here, it got me thinking about Christmas number 1 singles over the past few years. Now, not being a fan of commercial music in general I've tried to not pay attention to this competition of sorts but having the songs shoved in your face at every opportunity makes them pretty much unmissable! The radio stations and what not seem to promote them to no end for some reason - I don't really understand the hype behind it other than making the people behind the campaigns loads of money. In years gone by there have been some decent number 1's but all in all I think they've just been victims of hype


I have to say though I was a fan of the campaign to get Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In The Name Of" to number one, just to throw things out of the norm for once. Even with minimal radioplay (and when it was played it was cut short by a good minute because of the swearing at the end! 🐵 it made the top which kind of goes to show the power of Social Media these days as the entire campaign was more or less orchestrated via Facebook... Not to mention the fact that it was first released almost 20 years ago!


Which takes me to this years chart. The only song in the list of contenders that I think I recognise is Fairytale of New York (obviously!) - I know a few of the other artists but the songs mean nothing to me!


Should I know them?


Are any of them any good? 


Is the Christmas Number 1 chart just a money making scheme or is it genuinely good music?


Which do you think will make it to the top? Or do you care?! Let me know your thoughts 😄



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