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Close Talk 21 email account

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How can I close a historic Talk 21 email account down? I keep getting charged for it and have recently received a letter from the debt recovery company. 

Also, I would like to find out if I have any services with BT which I'm not aware of?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks, 


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Re: Close Talk 21 email account

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The only way you should be getting charged for a BT email account would be if you took out a BT Premium email account.

If you check your bank statement it should give a BT account reference number against the charge.

To cancel a BT Premium email account you would need to call BT on 0808.100.6778.

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Re: Close Talk 21 email account

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Yes, from memory it was a BT Premium email account which used to cost £5 per month then was increased to £7.50 per month.
The amount doesn't appear on my bank statement as it is a historic account which hasn't been used for years, however was never closed down, hence the referral to the debt recovery company (this has been paid).
I think it attributes to this email account which I want to close and ensure I have no other services with BT.
What would you advise is the best course of action to resolve this?
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Re: Close Talk 21 email account

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As I previously said, you will need to call the BT Premium email number to ensure that the account hs now been closed and if you call BT 0800.800.150 and ask for Billing, they should be able to advise if you have any further monies due or accounts open.

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