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Cloud storage

First post on here..

I have been having  problems with my account since I renewed my BT TV package 2 months ago. My whole package got cancelled and reinstated which caused my email and cloud services to become disassociated from my account and unmanageable. Finally today this seems to have been nearly fixed in that I can now manage these services. The final piece of the jigsaw is that I have no storage allocated to my cloud account. I am seeing a message that says I am using 0Mb of 0Mb and have exceeded my allocation. I have Halo 1 so should have 1TB.

As it is so difficult to get in touch with BT presently I thought I would give the forums a try.



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Re: Cloud storage

Just bumped this back up to new. Can't get hold of anyone in BT and would like make use of the 1TB of storage my package should provide. Currently as can be seen fro the screen shot I am allocated 0 bytes.
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