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Re: Come on Mods - email logon , we cant all be making the same mistakes

Thanks.  Enquiry submitted.

Your enquiry reference number: 111123-*******

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Re: Come on Mods - email logon , we cant all be making the same mistakes

Hello folks - I'm new - just came on to scroll through to see if anyone is having the same problems as me!!  Lo and behold! Well - I did report my problems to BT and got a call back, very efficiently, from a gentleman in India, who was very helpful and talked me through changing my BTYahoo from the all singing all dancing new version back to "Mail Classic" - which he said would solve the problem.  I'm running Outlook 2003 on a PC with Windows 7 - Internet Explorer V9.  I've got 3 email accounts for family set up on through Outlook and only go on to BTYahoo online to check for spam (or rather to check valid email's which have gone into spam).  The man in India said the versions of BTYahoo mail weren't working as they should, but that having gone back to Mail Classic (which I could only do on 2 of the 3 accounts) - the popup boxes asking for my network passwords would stop.  Well they didn't!.  I was getting the Network Password request - which I might add isn't just annoying it is mega-annoying - when you are typing and not looking at the screen, you have typed half your text into the box for the password - sorry, I digress!  The popups were coming in for the two subsidiary mail accounts and not mine - but now I'm getting it for all three. 

I gave up the idea of trying to ring BT again for advice, as it obviously wouldn't work.  In the meantime I am really fed up. 

On a totally different point - I find my Internet connection wavers or drops completely every time it is wet or windy!!  My phone line is linked to the house from a telegraph pole over the road about 40 yards away and underneath a large tree which batters the wires when it is windy!  I decided trying to complain about that to someone in India was a waste of time & have been looking forward to getting BTInfinity - but that has been put off 4 times at 4 monthly intervals - the BT website now say I can get it by 31 December 2011 - but I'm not holding my breath.  At the moment - Virgin is looking good!


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Re: Come on Mods - email logon , we cant all be making the same mistakes

Hi All,


I am locking this thread down as there is an ongoing discussion on this topic here and all updates from the mod team will be posted on this thread.


We are still looking at getting this fixed asap, sorry about the wait.





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