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Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

BT that is !!


(This is probably the wrong forum)


I was upgraded to Infinity last friday but told the engineer that there is a long standing "line issue".

He did all the tests and said "Yup, there is an issue".


I told hime the history.


Basically.. To the left of our semi detached house thereis a block of flats where the main IP box is. The cable then runs under our front gardens.


15-ish yeas ago our OAP neighbour couldn't manage her (beautiful) garden anymore and had it ripped up and gravelled.

They used a "Thumper" to flatten the ground. 10 years-ish ago she was killed by a chav losing control of his car.


New neighbours are a lovely couple. She works in a garden centre and has made an awesome job of the front garden.


About 3 years ago we started to develop phone issues. Crackling, HR faults. Constant call outs meaning the engineer has used up the last spare.


Basically, that "Thumper" that was used cracked the outer casing on the cable and as a result the inner cable has finally corroded.


Annoyingly..Even Gobsmackingly.. A new cable was run from the Main IP box along the common land in front of our gardens and connects  to the house about 4 doors to our right.


But they only drew one (thin) cable to go to that premises. Obviously he has had a problem and they fixed it.


Unfortunately I am still on the "old run".


Cue back to Installation day.


BT Engineer nods his head, Phsyically does checks and comes back exasperated and says " They only drew one line in ?"

Phone calls to his superiors abound and it's agreed he will draw a multi cable through and finish the job off. unfortunately it's now getting late afternoon and the light is fading fast. So an apppintment is made for Monday as he only needs to come into my house to test the line afterwards.




Phone call.. He's been taken off the job and "The Cable Guys" assigned to it. He hasn't the foggiest when they will be here but he can reconnect my ADSL if we desire ?


No point in that as we are getting the same download but blisteringly fast  upload.




Phone call.. BT  Making an appointment for Jan 31st.


Ok. No worries (Hey, at least they are on the case)


Few minute ago


Ding Dong. No it's not Avon Calling but a (cold looking) BT engineer.


"I'm here to check the line mate"


Pardon ?


So I recount everything again to him and tell him he can come in and test it if he likes. At least he can warm up and have a coffee !!


He shakes his head and says "We're a Communication company that doesn't even commincate with it's own staff !!"


I wonder when the new cable will be going in ?


1 week

1 month

1 year ?


Who knows ?

An MSCE in computing is like having a McDonalds Certification in World Cuisine, pointless.
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Re: Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

You mean "Communicate"

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Re: Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

@ray_dorset wrote:

You mean "Communicate"

To make it worse I think the OP should have said Openreach engineer not BT engineer 😛

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Re: Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

..... McDonalds are a very successful worldwide corporation - probably not a good analogy

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Re: Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

What's an IP box?

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Re: Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

@plainview wrote:

What's an IP box?

I think cabinet, but I may be wrong.

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Re: Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

Probably DP.

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Re: Communication Co.. That doesn't commumicate

@Deathtrap3000 wrote:

Probably DP.

Indeed 🙂

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