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Community Newsletter Issue 39

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What's new at BT?  

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BT Sport retains live UK Premier League rights for three more years from 2019/20 season 

BT Sport is pleased to announce that it will continue to show Premier League matches for a further three years from the 2019/20 season.

You can join the forum discussion here  


MotoGPBT Sport continues as home of MotoGP

BT Sport will continue as the exclusive live broadcaster of MotoGP in the UK and Ireland until the end of the 2021 season. ​

Every practice, qualifying session and race for MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 will be hosted live from the circuit, making sure fans get the best of the sport over 20 hours of exclusively live coverage on each race weekend.

Find out  more!

a8ffgkbq4kvutkj93smvBT steps up battle against cyber-crime by sharing malware data with ISPs

BT has become the first telecommunications provider in the world to start sharing information about malicious software and websites on a large scale with other ISPs, and has urged UK broadband providers to follow its lead.

You can read the press release here. 


Order the revolutionary Samsung S9 and Samsung S9+ on BT Mobilesamsung-s9-and-s9-136425363626702601-180223161817

The Samsung S9 and S9+ are here – with a revolutionary new camera, personalised emojis, louder stereo speakers and much more.

Find out about its new features and how you can order it on BT Mobile! 

What's new on BT TV?

 Welcome aboard The Terror: First look on set in the Arctic thriller

Inspired by a true story, The Terror focuses on the British Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into uncharted territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage, the route from Europe through the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific.

Ridley Scott and the cast of the supernatural series take us behind the scenes of the epic drama.


Shocking six-part mystery The Disappearance comes to BT TV on Universal Channel

BT TV customers can look forward to three fantastic and thrilling US dramas this spring, which are all airing on the Universal Channel - BT TV channel 320/385 HD

Community updates and hot topics

Community redesign

It was the community's birthday last month (it is now 8 years old!) and its design has remained largely unchanged over the years.

The moderation team is delighted to announce that we have completed a major redesign, and it was launched this week. Here is a message from Sean; you can read the full post here  and share any feedback!

I am delighted to announce that we have been working hard on improving our community design.
I am excited that we have completed all our testing and are now ready to share the new design with everyone. 

'Quote' functionality

Last month we received reports that the "quote" function had stopped working.

Thank you to all who raised this bug. We're happy to confirm it's now been fixed!

Stories on news – our highlights

 Did you know that the BT Tower has made these famous TV appearances?

Doctor Who fans will have spotted BT Tower’s prominent role back in the 60s. Find out where else has it been seen in popular culture!


34 Google Home ‘Easter eggs’ to make you laugh

Google Home is a speaker that doubles as a personal assistant, just like the Amazon Echo.

Google Home has the Google Assistant as its brains, and can perform all manner of tasks like syncing to your smart home devices, playing music and reading you the weather forecast.

It can also be silly. Very silly. Ask it any of these ‘Easter eggs’ (so-called because they’re hidden features that Google doesn’t advertise, like the prizes on an Easter egg hunt), and it’ll give you a funny answer.

Try out these hidden commands and see how it responds! 


Fundraising: Get inspiration from these top challenges and events for charity

 Get inspiration for your charity event from these MyDonate super-fundraisers – including England rugby star Jason Leonard. 


10 fundraising ideas and tips from BT MyDonate.

Find out how to come up with the best fundraising ideas and make the most of your event. 

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