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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Why have they been advertising both large and small screen apps as having HDR access as of yesterday, if what you’re saying is correct and there’s no rollout until later in the year?

I’m sure others will confirm but I haven’t yet heard of anybody getting ANY HDR option. 

Really, really poor show from BT. 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

I didn't get HD in HDR on my phone, whereas I have in the past when BT have broadcast a game in HDR, and it looked fine, slightly dark, by the picture was very high quality.

I have just come of chat with BT about this matter.

I can tell you now, having spoken to 4 different BT support agents, both on Sunday and this morning that none of them, I repeat, none of them have a clue what's going on with HDR, and they are all giving out different answers and information.

The latest I've just been told is that HDR is only through the BT box! Nuts!

I was then "challenged" by one agent to show where BT had said that the game would be broadcast in HDR, which then meant I had to go away during the chat and start to send the agent links to BT's own website and press announcements.

I was then told I only have the "base 4K max" package, and that I only had "the free sports option", and that' why I could not access HDR.

So I'm none the wiser, I have not idea how to proceed, I don't know even who to speak to at BT to try and get this matter resolved. But I tell one thing that IS certain, BT will be back to at some point to increase my subscriptions!

What a complete shambles!

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Your experience echoes the tweets I read last night where the BT advisor told the customer they should be getting HDR Community Shield coverage through their BT box but it’s likely their TV that can’t support it.

What a load of utter nonsense. Can you imagine if this customer went out to purchase a new TV? Luckily they appear to be savvier than that but I’m sure not everybody would be. 

The Twitter exchange

There are two clear problems:

1. BT staff appear to have had no training on what HDR is and how it differs to SDR. They’re responding to people as if they’re one and the same, hence the confusion arising. 

2. HDR clearly wasn’t available in any capacity yesterday and BT have said nothing about it. No apology, no reasoning, no confirmation that the customer needed to do something to activate etc etc. 

I’m honestly appalled by the amateurish way this has been played out by BT. 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

So glad I’m not the only one! I spent yesterday trying to get it to work for 2 hours!

i also have concerns over the package details. I felt sure I was 4K max customer as I have the 4K box and receive bt sport ultimate through it.

however yesterday upon checking my package online it said something weird like “total entertainment” with a 4K bolt on. Is this right? 


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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

I too have the confusing package issue, and in fact it's been like that for a couple if years, and BT STILL have not fixed it.

I have the 4K Max package, and I have an order conformation emailing saying so, yet when I log into MYBT and look at the package, my TV is down as Total Entertainment.

I have pointed this out to BT many times, yet they seem completely disinterested, and on occasions, seemingly "confused" as to where I and looking to see this information, as those they have never heard of their on MYBT app!

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Same here with Total Entertainment but it's ok, it's only BT's systems way of logging your package. As long as you have channel 433 you are on the correct Max 4K package.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Total Entertainment was the package name a few years ago before they switched to 4K Max so it just means you have an old legacy product but should still work in exactly the same way.

I can confirm I got the HDR moniker in the title tile on my IPhone XS Max, are you saying the you didn't get the HDR moniker in the title tile or that you got that but the picture itself wasn't HDR (how do you know that for certain as I find it not that easy on a small screen device to tell).

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

I wasn't trying to watch it. I've just been reading 100s of complaints on forums and social media re the lack of HDR yesterday.

I only signed up for Max 4K two months ago but you're telling me they put me on a legacy package instead, even though it's the same thing. You couldn't make it up 😂

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

There was no HDR moniker.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

No HDR icon at all. 

What you’re saying is completely against the grain of what BT were telling people who called about this, and what every online post is echoing - that there was no HDR available yesterday in any capacity!

Various people called about it yesterday, once realising it was not available to them, and were told that’s because it wasn’t available. 

You’re the only person claiming to have had the HDR option!

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