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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


That's the issue!!!

It's the promise but not the delivery.

I think if BT came onto these forms and just said "It went wrong, sorry, but we are working to the next match, please provide feedback here..." we would all say, fair enough, thanks for letting us know, now FIX IT...

Then BT would go from failure to Hero, allow us to seen feedback, platforms, etc... and they could work towards a better roll out next time.

It's the lack of information that is so wrong.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

In reply to both of previous post, I agree with both of you, I'm not bashing BT I'm first in the queue with everything and sure I want HDR.

However I want HDR, and I'm fully prepared to help and provide techincal feedback, what I'm not prepared to tollerate is being charged for something having to be a beta tester and getting something that quite simply is unwatchable.

While BT may well have serveyed people (76% of 10 people is different to 76% of 10,000 people) and everone I spoke to during champions league final found it as I did. Awefull and on properly set up Tv's.

I know only to well that around 95% of people have their TV's set as they come out of the box and most of the time that looks awefull as well.

SDR is basically 1929 technology and it took years to get HD right and 709 colour space. That started early 90's and tvs finaly hit 709 by 2014.

Its going to take years to get HDR right, as of now most HDR Tvs hit between 3-500 nits, the best newer ones around 7-800 nits, a couple of LCD sets can get to 1000-1500 the odd one or two 2000 and one 85" 8k samsung 3500nits.

We're going to 10,000 nits and were years away from that

All I'm after is when I call someone from BT I expect them to give me proper correct information so I can make an informed decision. The chap I spoke to yesterday first said the game is not broadcast in HDR and by the end of the convo passed me on to line faults

HDR done well looks great BBC, from what I can see BT currently are no where near this level and they are selling a full service. Lets see what happens next weekend and in time I'm sure they will get it right but for now based on the reply in the other thread its clear they are not really ready and should not really be charging for it.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Agree with a lot of that, apart from charging for it. I think that might be some of the issue here, only people that already have the top tier BTTV package (Max 4K) or an EE 5G phone and plan can get the HDR delivery on the app.

Eventually they will offer it as a £5 month bolt on but I would expect that will only be when they have 4K streams on the large screen devices working also, so expect that to be a few months away.


'While HDR works slightly differently on mobile – upping the brightness in colourful sections of the screen – EE 5G pay monthly subscribers will be able to see the enhanced picture on the BT Sport app too. 

A press release for the channel launch says BT Sport Ultimate will "soon extend to other BT Sport customers, such as EE 4G pay monthly customers and those who watch via the BT Sport app or via Sky".'

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


This is precisely my point

A press release for the channel launch says BT Sport Ultimate will "soon extend to other BT Sport customers, such as EE 4G pay monthly customers and those who watch via the BT Sport app or via Sky".'

HDR from the BT sport app is supposed to be working on Apple TV 4K and ios devices past V8 via the BT sports app.

HDR did not work on either of my apple 4K devices or my Ipad pro or my iphoneX

Things are simply not clear.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


Do you have a BTTV 4K subscription also.

My reading between the lines of 'extending soon' is 'we will soon offer you the chance to have this service for £5 a month if you don't have a 4k BTTV subscription or a EE 5G phone and plan'.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Just to add to the confusion... apologies

but I was told on Twitter by bt (so dubious info) that my issue was that I was trying to view it on the bt sport app and at the moment it was only available on the bt tv app, which costs a fiver a month extra...

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


yes I have a Humax BT 4k box as stated in earlier posts so I’m good to go. 

Its already been stated that there was an issue and it’s being worked on for next weeks games. 

Hopefully things will be better next week. It’s now clear that things will improve and evolve over time. What is not clear is what that time frame is. 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Hi @Bumtious,

The HDR stream would have been available for BT Sport customers that have the right entitlement. 

The right entitlement means either they pay for a BT TV Max 4K or Max HD package, they're an EE 5G customer or an EE customer with a HDR bolt-on.

On Apple TV there'll be no HDR icon next to the event on the home screen. You’ll see the BT Sport Ultimate logo in the player when they're streaming in HDR.

If the TV and device are HDR capable and you can't see the HDR icon or BT Sport Ultimate logo:

1. Try closing the app and re-opening it

2. If it still isn't working, You'll need to double-check the HDR settings on both the device and the TV.


To check your HDR setting in Apple TV 

  1. Go to the Settings app on the Apple TV
  2. Choose Video and Audio
  3. Go to Format and select 1080p HDR 50Hz. If they haven’t previously used this setting, their Apple TV will verify whether or not their TV is compatible
  4. If their TV is compatible, they’ll see a message stating it's been switched to HDR – press OK. Apple TV is now set up for HDR!

 I hope that helps.


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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Hi Paddy,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you confirm a couple of things for me.

I signed up to max 4K and I receive the bt sport ultimate channel through the 4K box no problem. I’m the my bt page my package details say I have total entertainment with the 4K bt sport bolt on. Is this a different way of saying the same thing? Should I have everything in place to receive the HDR? Especially as I definitely signed up to 4K max as I still have my confirmation email.


Secondly, are you saying that the HDR stream was only available on Apple TV 4K? The press release made it seem like it would be available on the by sports large screen app. I used the bt sports large screen app to view the champions league final in HDR. I have the app on both the Xbox one x and my Samsung tv, if it wasn’t available on these on Sunday do you have any idea why? Or when it will be available on the large screen app?


thanks in advance.



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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Hi @Ajread29,

Thank you for posting. The BT TV Max 4K, is Total Entertainment with the 4K BT sport bolt-on. So you should be able to watch in HDR as long as you have an HDR capable device.

You can find out more here What do I need to watch BT Sport in HDR

Our large screen app is available using a Samsung Smart TV or Apple TV (as long as the screen is also HDR capable).

  1. If you’re using the BT Sport App on a Samsung Smart TV, you don’t have to change any settings
  2. If your TV is HDR compatible, the app will automatically detect this. You’ll see the HDR icon in the app, and the BT Sport Ultimate logo when you’re streaming
  3. If it’s not HDR compatible, you won’t see the HDR icon. You'll see one of the normal BT Sport channel logos when you’re streaming, such as BT Sport 1 or BT Sport 2, instead
  4. You can check your specific model at >

I hope that helps?


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