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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Hi Paddy,


Thanks for the quick reply!


I have the correct entitlements package wise. I have the Samsung Tv bt sports app with an HDR compatible Tv. I could watch the champions league final in HDR on the app, yet on Sunday I was not presented with the HDR tile... I don’t think I’m alone in this reading online.


The Xbox one x app should also work, right?





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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


You have to accept that a lot of people seem to be complaining about NOT seeing an HDR stream on last Sundays match.

I have not seen anyone post on here yet... that did see an HDR stream through their mobile.

As I said in one of my other posts, the last time BT streamed in HDR it worked fine on my phone, this time nothing...

All I was presented with the BT Sport 1HD channel, no Ultimate Channel, and no HDR logo.

I can stream HDR from youtube on my phone, and as I keeping saying, last time BT ran a stream it was fine.

So given the overwhelming complaints, doesn't it seem likely that something went wrong? 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


I’m sorry but you are not reading previous posts properly.  


I’ve already stated I have the right package. I have a Humax 4k box and get ultimate via that ie 4K with Atmos. 

Im a professional Calibrator and set up small and big home cinemas for a living. 

My Apple 4K tv is set up perfectly. I get 4k Dolby vision and Atmos and Apple movies no problem. I get HDR10 off the appropriate content. 

There was no Ultimate stream available via my 2 Apple TVs and my iPhone X or my iPad Pro

I know full well I have to manually downscale my Apple TV to take the correct frame rate and dynamic range match cuz the Bt app is not capable of doing this like the  main apps from Netflix, Amazon do correctly  

kitH has already said there was technical issues which they are looking to address for next weekend.  

I watched the game on my BT 4k YouView box in 4k UHD with Atmos Sound going through my Arcam receiver

Why contradict and wind people up with a post regurgitating the instructions and implying me and other people are technically ignorant

The Ultimate stream wasn’t there on any iOS device no matter how many times I rebooted, restarted the app, made water from wine or ran round the garden naked. 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

@Bumtious  Completely agree mate, ignoring what’s previously been said isn’t helping anyone!

Its clear HDR didn’t work for anyone at the weekend and unfortunately I won’t be in during the bt sport fixture this weekend but I’m assuming I’ll find out if it worked on here with you guys help.

The one thing I really do want clearing up is whether or not it should be on either the Samsung TV app, the Xbox one x app or both. Is it just Apple TV for now?

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

So far, there has been a grand total of one person (on these forums and those elsewhere, including social media) that claims to have watched in HDR. Since finding out it's HD HDR, I'm not bothered anyway. The build-up is shouting 'HDR' from the rooftops but it fails to mention that it's not UHD HDR.
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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


HD HDR, it's all a bit underwhelming really.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

I was one of the few then that watched the community shield in HD HDR then?

Samsung smart TV and 'BT ULTIMATE SPORTS' displayed in the bottom right, couldn't tell the difference between HD HDR and HD.  At the time due to the confusion of BT ULTIMATE SPORTS and what definition you are actually getting I thought it meant I was getting 4k UHD and was very underwhelmed at picture 'improvement' over 1080HD but then to find out it was in fact 1080 HD HDR makes sense of it now!!!!!

This is a royal mess, BT need to accept this rebranding is a complete pigs ear, even on it still refers to the 4K UHD channel, they haven't even aligned all the information just to add to confusion.


 Stating just 'HDR' as opposed to HD HDR or 4K HDR just to muddle things even more.   I want to know is if the stream is 1080 or 4k as well, not just if its HDR  




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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

So the plot thickens...

What the hell is going on with this launch?

I have an Android Phone and I can tell you, even on that, there was NO HDR!


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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


What happens in the press is regurgitated press release. 

You will see the same story told across almost all publications. 

The headline is click bait designed to make you look at it (usually your visit will generate ad revenue as pop up ads appear within the page). 

Reading what he says he states it’s not on BTs own Chanel via the BT platform or sky’s platform but is via the app on various devices. 

What his useless article doesn’t state is the situation that hdr did not appear as it should have done on these other devices. 

Basically because he’s probably got no idea of the technical real world delivery of what He’s writing about. 

Let’s see if it it works as stated via the app on mobile phones or Apple 4k TV.

If it doesn’t then in my opinion BT will then have some serious explaining to do. 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


The reason I posted this is because WhatHiFi ran the orginal BT press release, this new article is more negative about BT's promise in the press release, and takes the time to explain to their readers that the promise in the original press release doesn't quite match the reality.

But the main point I posted it, is they point out that the small print in the press release says that HDR will only initially be on mobile through the BT APP, and WhatHiFi don't mention Samsung TV's or Apple TV, so right away there is conflicting information starting to come out about what devices, out of those promised, where actually working day one...


** Edit ***

Quoting from the WhatHiFi article, they say...

"However, after consulting the small print it seems the BT Sport Ultimate channel won't be delivering HDR football, not right now at least. Instead, if you do want to enjoy HDR football via BT, the only way to do so is via the BT app on Android and iOS, and on a compatible HDR mobile phone or tablet.

Yes, we are a little underwhelmed..."

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