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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

So I think I'm beginning to piece together what has happened here.

The link below to a BT announcement about the new HDR makes interesting reading...

NOTE, although the article was last updated today, 7th August, google states it was originally posted on 25th July 2019.

The bits of interest are as follows...

"HDR is supported by all the platforms on which we built the BT Sport large-screen app: Apple TV, Samsung TV, Xbox and even NowTV all support HDR on their new 4K box.

On smaller screens, an increasing number of mobile phones now support HDR.

IOS devices from iPhone 8 onwards, Samsung Galaxy smartphones from S9 onwards and virtually all 5G smartphones support HDR as standard."

Note, back on the 25th July 2019 BT where stating that HDR would be on the NowTv 4K box, and if you read the NowTV forums, or the many press releases, that has not happened, and has been pushed back.

Note, the range of mobile phones listed back in July 25th 2019 when the article was first posted is FAR more then the most recent list being pointed to by BT.

This article leads me to believe BT just didn't get the software ready in time for Sunday, clearly they have scaled back their list of platforms from those they were talking about towards the end of July.

I believe BT could not get the promised service working in time, and there was NO HDR last Sunday, and if there was, if was very limited, and only on or two devices.

I also feel the reason why WhatHiFi decided to post a somewhat negative article this week is that they, like many of us on here, sat down on Sunday to watch the match and thought... "What!, where's the HDR?????"

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

BT finally comes clean about HDR and the new Ultimate Sports Channel

An article has just gone live on Pocket-Lint which finally comes out with the truth about Sunday's HDR launch from BT. I can only assume the article is the result of all of the backlash BT has been getting from users about no HDR being available.

You can read the article yourself, but here are the key points...

1. Apple TV, Xbox, PS4 or Samsung TVs, your APP will give you access to 4K, BUT NO HDR, yet...

2. BT 4K box, exactly as before, you get 4K and Dolby Atmos, BUT NO HDR, yet...

3. Mobile users, you get HD and HDR.

So just to be clear, there was NO HDR last Sunday on Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, or Samsung TV's.

If you are a BT or EE customer, then you should of got HDR through the APP on your mobile.

However, I didn't get HDR, and the article seems a bit cryptic, referring to EE Mobile customers (and only those on 5G!!!!!), and BT customers.

Since HDR didn't work on my mobile, whereas it has previously, I'm now wondering if they mean EE and BT MOBILE customers! Of which I am not one.

So the truth is out there now, the big announcement, and the "World First" was pure marketing hype, and the reality is someway of from actually being deployed.

Thank you BT for wasting all of our time!

*** Edit ***

Pocket-lint have just posted another article on the subject, I think the title says it all!

Sorry, BT Sport Ultimate on your TV isn't actually in HDR

The article also states...

"BT Sport has run some programmes in HDR on these platforms - the Champions League final in 1080p HDR for example - but it doesn't seem as though it is ready for the next big push in full-time HDR delivery."

That Champions League final in 1080p HDR is what I watched on my mobile before, and it worked!!!

This is time nothing, no HDR, so something has changed since then and now.

This is false adverting, a huge fan fair at the start of the season to get people to sign-up for BT Sports.

Don't forget the recent prices rises for existing BT TV and Sports customers!

This is false adverting!

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Nice find!


the Xbox and Samsung TV apps dis not give 4K though! So they didn’t even manage that!

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Hey @4KTVFan , 

Certainly a bit clearer on some points but still ambiguous on the mobile delivery 

It also was NOT in 4k via ultimate on Apple TV 

Saying that the instructions are to set Apple box to 1080p 50 HDR!

So now I guess for 4k ultimate via Apple TV the instructions should now say this: 

Set your Apple 4K tv to 4K SDR 50Hz

Also HDR or Ultimate didn’t work as previously stated on my IPhone X or IPad Pro  

That was via Wi-fi at speeds of 69mb 

So..... it may be that it’s only available via 5G.

IF that is the case then it’s not available on iOS mobile devices as non are 5G. 

Basically I want my Apple TV set to Dolby Vision 60hz, that means I get the menus and fantastic screen savers in their correct native formats and have auto frame rate and dynamic range detection on. So everything works as it should. 

I will watch ultimate via my Humax BT YouView box in 4k with Atmos Sound until they get their act together. 

Basically HDR isn’t available as far as I’m concerned

Quite frankly the marketing has been a complete misleading mess. 

And for BT.......I’m sorry HDR on a small screen, do me a favour, when I’m able to watch it properly on my 65” oled screen in 4k with proper, not converted HDR at that point market it. Other wise I’m sorry you are NOT really delivering the games in HDR.

Lets see if the ultimate 4k Chanel comes to Apple TV or iOS devices cuz up to now that’s not available either. 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

So basically, what a representative of BT posted on these very forums a few days ago was that there was HDR on the large screen apps on Sunday. 

What this new article states is that there is NO HDR on the large screen apps at the present time.

So what one is it BT? I’m of the belief that there was no HDR and you’re trying to save face to avoid completely negative publicity and the Pocket Lint article certainly backs my belief up. 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

So let me see if I have this right..

I'm on the Max package with a BT 4K box and a Samsung SMART TV with the BT sport app.

There is no current way I can watch a 4K HDR stream? 

1080p HDR, 4k yes yes but not 4k HDR.

That's seriously not cricket BT and most misleading. I'd like a capable route considering I'm paying a considerable sum each month.

The only way I see this being fixed is if the Samsung SMART TV app is made 4K HDR capable or they send us new boxes.. But I'm not going to pay any more for it!!

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

If you want cricket you would be better off with sky. Oh by the way you will pay a lot more and not get 4K HDR there either.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Scointer the new fragrance by Sarcasm.
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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


Some people don't mind being lied to 😉

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

HD HDR was not on the Samsung TV app anyway

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