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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

This isn't platform wars but the prices between all providers are very similar for those wanting access to entertainment, movies and live sport, i.e. BT Sport AND Sky Sports. I don't think it's valid at all to claim "you will pay a lot more" because BT doesn't exactly come cheap in comparison to Sky.
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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

This is why people are feeling cheated and lied to. Their advertising push highlights HDR coverage, and what they fed to the media in the build-up was namely Premier League coverage in HDR for the first time.

Yes, they may not be telling lies as such but maybe "being economical with the truth" would be apt.

Sky also have no HDR but at least they're not claiming to have launched it and I imagine when they finally do that it will be UHD HDR, not this poor imitation. Why bother advertising a UHD channel when you know full well it's HD HDR? Hopefully, the person who was tasked with leading this campaign for BT has been politely asked to take a step back while the mess is cleaned up...
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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Sorry, did anyone actually get HD HDR, I don’t really believe there was any HDR of any form, particularly on anything other than mobile?

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Not sure. The large screen app is not really working well with the Apple TV for HDR (it is a right fudge). I have to change the format to 1080p and disable the auto video stuff, it will keep the HDR flag on all the while for my TV (HDR or not). I normally run the Apple TV in 4k with all the auto video stuff on. This is the only video app I have that does this.

What I then do is stick it back to the BT box and watch it in 4k and restore my Apple TV settings and not bother with it.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


Me too. 

As explained in a previous post this is a Faux HDR. The Apple TV is converting SDR to HDR it’s not real. 

It appears that BT are playing on technical ignorance of most people who think they are getting HDR. 

Same with 4k. Most people with a 4k tv don’t realise that most broadcasts are not 4k. 

What we seem to have here is a classic company situation where marking don’t talk to technical and vice versa. 

Marketing was ready for launch yet technical isn’t 

so what we have now is an egg on face mess and now a damage limitation exercise 

The silence from BT in these threads is deafening

There would be far more credibility if someone from BT would explain what the real situation is and when it really is going to launch properly. 

The sort of line is “well let’s not deny people HDR, the 4k version will come soon so they can have 1080”

But the HDR is not HDR  and marketing don’t understand this

the real deal is the FA cup final loop on bbc iplayer  

That’s how it should look, and that is hard to do and while BT can capture the game in HDR BT simply don’t have a way to deliver it into the home right now. Simple as that  

Sky Q isn’t ready, BT box isn’t ready, Apple TV app isn’t ready (no auto frame rate or dynamic range detect) mobile phone app comparability seems vapourware, so.... how is it going to be delivered/broadcast to us? 

The champions league final picture via HDR was appalling. It wasn’t being delivered properly. It was 60hz on YouTube so motion was poor and the HDR colour space and specular lighting was all over the place. Same on Apple TV.

I suspect it look good in the trucks and studio but by the time it had been encoded, converted and compressed then down the transmission chain it was a disaster. And that is what we have 

From what I can see it’s simple. 

They are not ready to deliver it properly 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


You have made the best post I've read here in a long time.

I think it's time BT took a step back, admit there are issues providing FULL 4K HDR (1080p HDR just doesn't cut it), and inform the public they are going to work on fixing the issue. This is exactly what Sky/NowTV did when they realised their 'HD Boost' just wasn't ready for marketing, they withdrew the trial and told customers there would be a delay in implementing it.

You have said what we all are thinking when you say, this is a Faux HDR. The Apple TV is converting SDR to HDR it’s not real. It appears that BT are playing on technical ignorance of most people who think they are getting HDR. Same with 4k. Most people with a 4k tv don’t realise that most broadcasts are not 4k. Thing is, many of us know and view TRUE HDR material from the likes of Netflix etc, and so will always call out any 'cheap imitation' that BT try to fob us off with. They've made a right pig's ear of this new so-called 'Ultimate' offering.

One thing I would caution for anyone reading this, go easy on the forum moderators, they can only pass on the information they have been given, and all too often we know what's happening from other sources before they do. It's not their fault 😀

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

The Early Kick Off  programme that started at 10am  today is  offering me the HDR feed tile  when viewing on the Samsung TV Bt Sport app this morning.So I have the option to watch BT Sport ultimate Live  feed or the BT Sport 1 HD feed on the Samsung TV.


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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


Good point

I’m not having a go at any member of staff at BT or moderator personally. 

I am having a go at the situation and the lack of transparency

if I’m having a go at anyone it’s the people responsible for the decision making and marketing.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Hold the back page. 

Working on my iPhone X and that certainly IS proper HDR

and I’ve got an ultimate stream on Apple TV if you click the main tile even though it says nothing about HDR  if you click on the Chanel tile then it’s nit the ultimate stream  

And while it’s a forced HDR it actually looks ok 

IE overall it’s slightly darker than the non ultimate stream yet the specular highlights look right. 

Looks like the info from @Anonymous earlier in the thread was correct

ie they had technical issues and will sort it by the weekend. It’s working as explained, that is that the tile on Apple TV does not show HDR (maybe it’s faux so can’t put an hdr icon on it) it does say HDR on iPhone 

in which case I take back that they are not ready with HDR

what this does highlight is that you can’t rely on regurgitated press releases from the press


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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


Jake, Rio and Joe Cole from stadium is definitely HDR, and as the sun comes in and out you can see how hard it is to retain colour balance live (just like Wimbledon) 

So now I’m hopeful 

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