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Community Manager - Retired
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Community Update - contacting senior management

Hi Everyone,


Recently we've also seen an increase in the number of people suggesting that members should direct their complaint to the CEO office or other senior members of BT.


We know that for the most part, these recommendations are being given with the intention of helping others but sadly; it doesn't really fit with what we're aiming to do with our community forums simply because it doesn't give us/the community a chance to resolve the problem. 


You'll notice that we tend to remove these email details from threads because we want the community to be just that – a community of customers helping other customers with their BT products and services.  And if the posts all start to become “please email CEO” then it defeats the purpose of having the community and detracts from the value we champion across our business. :smileysad:


The real value of our BTCare community is the huge amount of knowledge and experience available from experienced customers and the only staff on here are the forum moderators and admins whose main role is to make sure the community is a friendly, helpful place to be. So, if you come across a customer who wants direct contact – please use the options to call, email and live chat directly with BT staff (which also includes an option to complain). 


We hope you understand that we (the BTCare team) are passionate about our social channels (which includes our community) – and driving it higher on the service agenda so we'd really appreciate your help in keeping our community a thriving, honest but useful place for everyone.


We value your feedback to so if you have any thoughts or questions about this or anything else with the community, please feel free to drop me or SeanD a PM.


Thanks for your on-going support with this.